Yaqub Chaudhary, MEng, MRes, PhD

Research Fellow in AI, Philosophy and Theology at Cambridge Muslim College.

I conducted my doctoral work in Physics at Imperial College London, where I worked on the Physics of Plastic Electronic Materials and their potential use in future types of lasers under the supervision of Prof. Donal Bradley, one of the founding figures of the field. Prior to this, I studied Electronic Engineering at the same institution.

As a Research Fellow in Science and Religion, my research interests are now in Artificial Intelligence and recent developments in the fields of AI, cognitive science and neuroscience in connection with Islamic conceptions of the mind, intelligence, human reasoning, cognition, knowledge, the nature of perception and consciousness.

My research interests are in five broad areas:

1 – Recent Developments in AI from an Islamic Perspective

On what is meant by artificial intelligence including a background of recent developments in AI and why these developments are of theological and philosophical interest.

2 – Islamic Cognitive Theories and AI

Islamic cognitive theories, the status of the human intellect in Islam and the roles of logic, reasoning and imagination. How the intellect, cognition and thought have been understood in Islamic scholarship compared to modern developments.

3 – Artificial Disposition for Artificial Intelligence

AI safety, where AI safety refers to the challenge of ensuring AI agents operate according to ethical and moral standards, including discussion on the possibility of superintelligence and the threat of existential risk.

4 – Philosophical and Theological Implications of Virtual and Augmented Reality

5 – Technological Singularity from an Islamic Perspective

The concept of a technological singularity in relation to Islamic metaphysical and spiritual discourse. Includes discussion on how research in AI feeds into research on consciousness in concepts such as whole brain emulation and mind uploading.